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Master Programs
SchoolProgram NameResearch DirectionsIntakeDurationLanguageTuition Fee(CNY/Year)
School of Atmospheric ScienceMeteorologyDynamics of Atmospheric Circulation Anomalies, Monsoon and Air-sea-land Interaction, Typhoon and Small and Medium Meteorology, Data Assimilation and Numerical Forecasting, Climatic Numerical Modeling, Weather Forecast Theory and Method, Short-term Climate Prediction, Climate Change and Regional Effect, HydrometeorologyAutumn3/2 yearsChinese / English20000
Climate System and Climate ChangeClimate Change and Regional Response, Short-term Climatic Diagnosis and Prediction, Regional Climate Change and Its Simulation, Typhoon ClimateAutumn3 yearsChinese20000
School of Atmospheric PhysicsAtmospheric Physics and Atmospheric EnvironmentCloud and Precipitation Physics and Weather Modification, Atmospheric Environment and Atmospheric Chemistry, Atmospheric Composition and Climate Change, Atmospheric Boundary Layer Physics, Atmospheric Remote Sensing Theory and ApplicationAutumn3 yearsChinese20000
Atmospheric Remote Sensing and Atmospheric SoundingRemote Sensing Mechanism Research, Comprehensive Observation and Electronic Technology Development, Satellite Radar Detection and Data Assimilation, Quantitative Inversion and Application of Satellite Radar Data, Lidar Exploration, Atmospheric Sounding and Disaster ResearchAutumn3 yearsChinese20000
Lighting Science and TechnologyLightning Physics, Lightning Detection Technology, Lightning Forecasting and Warning, Lightning Disaster Risk Assessment, Lightning Protection Technology and Product DevelopmentAutumn3 yearsChinese20000
School of Applied MeteorologyApplied MeteorologyAgricultural and Forest Meteorology, City Meteorology, Exchange between Atmosphere and Territory, Meteorological Disaster Prevention and Reduction, Meteorological Economy Autumn3/2 yearsChinese / English20000
EcologyLandscape Ecology, Agro-ecosystem, Urban Ecology, Ecological Engineering, Ecological MeteorologyAutumn3 yearsChinese20000
School of Marine SciencesMarine MeteorologyAir - Sea - Ice Interactions, Marine Sedimentary Process and Environment, Marine Dynamic Process and Numerical Simulation, Biogeochemical Cycles and Global Change, Satellite OceanologyAutumn3 yearsChinese20000
School of Geographic SciencesGeographyEnvironmental Parameters of the Surface and Environmental Monitoring, Global Change and Regional Adaptive Countermeasures, Climatic Resources and  Development and Utilization of Refinement Technology, Machine Refined Evaluation Technology of Meteorological Disasters, GIS Software Development and Information Visualization, Ecological Conservation and ManagementAutumn3 yearsChinese20000
3S Integration and Meteorological ApplicationGIS and Meteorological Application, Road Surface Process Simulation and Remote Sensing, Quantitative Remote Sensing, Optical Remote Sensing of Water, Natural Conditions and Urban and Rural Planning, Ecological Responses and Solutions to Climate ChangeAutumn3 yearsChinese20000
School of Environmental Science and EngineeringEnvironmental Science and EngineeringAtmospheric Environment, Environmental Chemistry, Pollution Control Mechanism and Technology, Ecomaterials, Environmental ManagementAutumn3/2 yearsChinese / English20000
Environmental MeteorologyAtmospheric Environment Monitoring and Instrument Development, Mechanism of Atmospheric Pollution and Control Technology, Pollution Weather Warning and Emergency ManagementAutumn3 yearsChinese20000
School of Math and StatisticsMathematicsFundamental Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Computational Mathematics(including Application Software), Probability Theory and Applied Statistics, Operational Research and CyberneticsAutumn3 yearsChinese20000
Space WeatherNumerical Modeling and Simulation of Air and Weather, Space Weather Information Processing and Data Assimilation, Magnetosphere - Ionosphere - Upper Atmosphere Coupling, Impact of space weather disasters, Space Weather Forecasting Technology, Sun Weather, Meteorology and ClimateAutumn3 yearsChinese20000
School of Physics and Optoelectronic EngineeringOptical EngineeringEnvironmental Optics and Optical Detector Technology, Photoelectric Functional Materials and Devices, Optoelectronic System and Intelligent Instruments, Optical Communication and Optical Fiber Sensing TechnologyAutumn3 yearsChinese20000
School of Electronic and Information EngineeringInformation and Communications EngineeringModern Signal and Information Processing, Radar System, Instrument and Metering, Communication Technology, Microelectronic Technology, Photoelectric Signal ProcessingAutumn3 yearsChinese20000
School of Computer and SoftwareComputer Science and TechnologyNetwork and Information Security, Internet of Things / Sensor Networks, Intelligent Computing, Image ProcessingAutumn3/2 yearsChinese / English20000
Software EngineeringCloud Computing and Meteorological Cloud Storage, Virtual Reality and Visualization Simulation Technology, Smart Computing Technologies, Software Development Environment and Middleware TechnologyAutumn3 yearsChinese20000
School of Information and ControlControl Science and EngineeringAnalysis and Applications of Complex Systems, Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems, Detection Technology and Intelligent Instruments, New Energy Utilization and Electric Appliances ControlAutumn3 yearsChinese20000
School of Mangement Science and EngineeringFinanceAutumn2 yearsEnglish2000
Management Science and Engineering

Management and Emergency Response System, System Analysis and Decision Making, Financial Engineering and Risk Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Information Management and Information System

Autumn3 yearsChinese20000
School of BusinessBusiness Management

Technology Economy and Management, Financial Management, Accountancy, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Management in Meteorological Business 

Autumn3/2 yearsChinese / English20000
School of Languages and CulturesHistory of Science and Technology

Meteorological history, History of scientific and technological exchange, Science Communication and Science Education, Advancements in Science and Technology and Social Progress

Autumn3 yearsChinese20000
School of MarxismMarxist theory

Basic Principles of Marxism, Chinese Marxism, Ideological and Political Education, Studies of Basic Issues in the Chinese Modern and Contemporary History, Study of Foreign Marxism

Autumn3 yearsChinese20000